PF to launch Mugabe impeachment motion on Tuesday

  • PF to launch Mugabe impeachment motion on Tuesday

PF to launch Mugabe impeachment motion on Tuesday

A deadline imposed by Zimbabwe's ruling party for Robert Mugabe to stand down or face impeachment has expired.

Mugabe is also facing impeachment by Parliament today after he failed to comply with a Zanu PF central committee directive to resign by midday yesterday.

"Arrogant Mugabe disregards Zanu-PF", screamed Monday's headline in local newspaper the Daily News.

Some have speculated that the 93-year-old read the wrong speech on Sunday, or left out crucial passages about stepping down.

Mnangagwa, 75, was appointed interim leader of Zanu-PF on Sunday and is widely expected to take over from Mugabe as president.

"The party has instructed the chief whip to proceed with impeachment processes against Comrade R.G. Mugabe as it has not received the anticipated confirmation of his resignation from the Speaker of Parliament", said Moyo.

Zanu-PF youth leader, who once said he would die for the embattled Mugabe, got the boot.

First, the Senate and National Assembly must hold a joint sitting, and by simple majority vote decide if the president should be removed.

Mutsvangwa said he set to to bring the masses on Mugabe once again like it happened on Saturday.

Zimbabwean students have taken to the streets, calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Having been sacked by his party, Mugabe has run out of options but appears to be steadfastly clinging to the very last vestiges of power.

With the generals responsible seated next to him, Mugabe gave a lengthy speech acknowledging some problems with the economy and the Zanu-PF party - from which he was ousted earlier in the day - but made no mention of leaving office.

Adding to its stunning reversal of allegiances, it threatens to impeach Mugabe if he does not resign by 12pm the next day.

The students have also shut down the University of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National broadcaster, ZBC, has been told to be on standby by the army as there could be another announcement from either Mugabe or the military tonight. The impeachment will take several days and will not immediately lead to Mugabe's removal from.

As ruling party lawmakers began meeting on impeachment plans, deputy secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana said they would move a motion for impeachment on Tuesday and set up a parliamentary committee, and on Wednesday the committee would report back to all lawmakers and "we vote him out". That would complicate any efforts to install Emmerson Mnangagwa as president, as many Zimbabweans expect.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has reportedly contacted fired Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is in self-imposed exile in South Africa, to break their impasse and possibly hand over power, NewsDay has learnt.

Zimbabweans must take advantage of the impending new political dispensation to demand strong institutions from those leading the current process lest today's liberators might morph into another creature that could come back to devour this newly found freedom.