Tesla Is Getting Into The Big Rig Business With Electric Semi-Truck

  • Tesla Is Getting Into The Big Rig Business With Electric Semi-Truck

Tesla Is Getting Into The Big Rig Business With Electric Semi-Truck

Tesla's bid to transform the trucking industry from one of old-timey gas-guzzling vehicles to sleek electric-powered ones gained a major foothold on Thursday with the unveiling of the new Tesla Semi.

Tesla revealed an all-new version of its Roadster sports vehicle that can go from a stop to 60 miles an hour in 1.9 seconds, a figure that would make it the fastest-accelerating production auto ever.

Investors prodded Tesla's shares 2% higher in early trade in NY, shrugging off worries it was over-stretching itself with the new futuristic trucks and pricey sports vehicle launched in a glitzy event in California yesterday.

According to TechCrunch, it's a two by two four-seater and will be available in 2020 starting at $200,000, with 1000 Founder's Series models being sold retailing at $250,000 each.

The Semi is the company's first electric truck, which it claims can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge. On the one hand, the Tesla Semi is shaping up to be the hot-rod of trucks, with a 0-60 miles per hour time of 20 seconds even when at maximum 80,000 pound load.

Tesla is far from alone in trying to electrify semi trucks.

Tesla finally unveiled its first ever articulated lorry, known as the Tesla Semi.

Not related to the semi news, the analyst lessens his 2018 EPS expectations from ($0.89) to ($1.25) due to delayed Model 3 margin leverage along with corporate expenses while maintaining his forecast looking for a 95% year-over-year surge in revenue to $23 billion. "It will actually automatically lane-keep as well".

Elon Musk surprises everyone with a new Roadster. "It probably is, based on the specs provided, but this isn't necessarily a slam dunk", said Rebecca Lindland, an executive analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

Tesla's selling points include cheaper per-mile transport costs, safety, comfort, and (let's be honest) the cool factor.

Meanwhile, J.B. Hunt Transportation Services also announced today that it would be experimenting with the Tesla Semi.

What if we just made a mini version of the Tesla semi?

Remember the original Tesla Roadster - looked a bit like a Lotus Exige, costed a lot more and went like stink?

Musk didn't reveal the semi's price. Walmart has confirmed that it reserved fifteen Tesla Semi trucks, telling CNBC that it had earmarked ten for the U.S. and the remaining five for Canada. Musk said several Tesla semis will be able to travel in a convoy, autonomously following each other. Though the vehicle is clearly priced in supercar territory, it's far cheaper than numerous supercars it outperforms. Hirsch said that the decision to have the driver sit in the center of the truck will improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and that other truck manufacturers may follow suit.

But most of that growth is expected to be for smaller, medium-duty haulers like garbage trucks or delivery vans.