Dubai Airshow 2017: Emirates commits for 40 Boeing 787-10s

  • Dubai Airshow 2017: Emirates commits for 40 Boeing 787-10s

Dubai Airshow 2017: Emirates commits for 40 Boeing 787-10s

Emirates released images of its new first class suite at the Dubai Airshow, complete with large beds, dining spaces, and virtual windows.

At the 2017 Dubai Air Show, Emirates revealed the new Boeing 777-300ERs with first class suites estimated to cost over $9000.

Emirates Chief Executive Tim Clark said Monday that he wouldn't rule out buying more Airbus A380s in future, however, telling CNBC that he would tell Airbus to "keep the (production) line going".

Designed using an analysis of NASA studies, the seats recline into a "zero-gravity" position which is described as the optimum comfort resting position for astronauts, as it alleviates pressure from a passenger's elbows, back and neck.

For those positioned in the middle aisle, a window view is still possible thanks to "virtual windows" which are live streamed from cameras stationed externally.

The phase of slow growth for Emirates comes after a blistering expansion that has added 100 A380s and 109 777s to its fleet over the last decade. The aircraft interior designers were particularly impressed with the design of the new S-Class, taking into account the choice of materials, the high standard of workmanship, the controls and also the car's ambient light system.

Other new luxuries in first class suites will include a video call function to communicate with cabin crew for room service, as well as a built-in service hatch window where passengers will be served food and drinks with limited intrusion to their private space.

Emirates is also making upgrades to its business and economy classes a part of its 777 retrofit.

The new extreme luxury first class suits are for real.

An artistic motif representing the Ghaf (prosopis cineraria) tree, is used as a design highlight throughout the aircraft.

The economy class cabin. No current plane has more than 10 seats in each row.

The deal further strengthens the ties between the two firms, with Emirates already being known as the largest operator of Boeing's 777 fleet - something that the UAE-based firm will maintain as it will be first to receive Boeing's 777X in 2020. A new commitment by Emirates, reportedly to be close to 40 aircraft, would drive the backlog back up to around 100 aircraft, which would be sufficient to fill the production line for more than 10 years at the low production rates now anticipated.