Chevrolet Introduces 2019 Corvette ZR1: Most Powerful Yet

  • Chevrolet Introduces 2019 Corvette ZR1: Most Powerful Yet

Chevrolet Introduces 2019 Corvette ZR1: Most Powerful Yet

Looking at all the figures, the C7 ZR1 shouldn't disappoint. This wild vehicle has a supercharger so tall that it sticks up through the hood in an old-school shaker-style carbon fiber scoop that we absolutely love.

How do you think the Corvette ZR1 will compare to the cream of the current supercar crop?

That bigger supercharger meant a taller engine altogether, one that wouldn't clear the hood; so, while the center carbon-fibre section looks like one piece, it's actually separate, with the intercooler on top poking through, in a sort of retro "shaker hood" style. Now that's just bonkers.

Unlike many cars, however, the ZR1 has two optional packs that help improve the aerodynamics of the auto.

Based on the seventh-generation Corvette coupe, the ZR1 gets a reworked front bumper with larger air inlets and a small carbon fibre winglets that help generate more grip at higher speeds.

Other key features are two aero packages. What's even cooler is that the whole thing is connected to a patent-pending active exhaust, which should give you a wider range of nasty noises, promising Motörhead-levels of decibels in race mode. A handful is expected to be imported to the United Kingdom, although no official imports are likely.

Along with the standard rear wing, Chevrolet also offers a two-way adjustable High Wing for more track-orientated customers. Not unlike on Corvette Racing's C7.R. You can go the low route with the car's standard, fixed Low Wing, which is designed with top speed in mind. The first of these adds a "low" rear wing.

The V8 is paired to either a seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic and sends power to the rear wheels. The engine also comes with dual fuel injection, which provides the engine with both direct injection and supplemental port injection to further increase the performance of the engine. And those "conservatively estimated" 755 horses have to motivate 3560 lbs. of Corvette. And to that order, the ZR1 is fitted with steamroller-spec 335-section rear tires.

Remember the Z06's overheating issues? There's also a new carbon fiber "halo" hood that was developed specifically for the cooling of the new engine version sporting the highest output ever for a street-legal Chevrolet production auto. A Bugatti Veyron has 10. To that end there are no less than 13 heat-exchanging units, including four new radiators. Plus the bucket seats, naturally. Yet options such as the carbon fiber-rimmed steering wheel and the Performance Data Recorder feel more appropriate.

In fact, there's more than enough to shock you: whether or not you opt for the eye-searing Sebring Orange Design Package.

It's official, the most powerful road-going Corvette in history is a bad-ass in more ways than one. The Dodge Viper ACR might be dead, but there seems to be a new King of the Hill.

The ZR1 will go on sale for the 2019 model year next spring. He's confident the car's "robust application" of the 8 speed will more than do the job.