At least 21 kids injured when platform collapses at indoor gym

  • At least 21 kids injured when platform collapses at indoor gym

At least 21 kids injured when platform collapses at indoor gym

Authorities say 20 children were injured when a stairwell collapsed at an indoor paintball course in San Diego Saturday night.

Vault Parkour usually specialises in parkour classes, but the "kid's night out" on Saturday is a bit of an all-out (the kids are supervised by Vault Parkour staff members, so it's akin to a babysitting service).

The platform, which was 10-by-30-feet and suspended 10 feet above the ground, collapsed at Vault PK, a San Diego gym that specializes in parkour, FOX5 San Diego reported. He fell onto a young girl but neither was seriously hurt, he said.

Two women, ages 72 and 46, were among the first to be taken to hospitals.

According to the fire department, numerous children were taken to area hospitals. His son, however, who was attending a birthday party at the facility and was standing in line for pizza at the time, suffered minor injuries. "Nothing severe or critical".

"It could have been so much worse", Ysea said.

News 8 talked to Jordan with permission of the adult he was with. "All of a sudden, it just crashed down and I heard people screaming when it was coming down", he said. Many parents were probably using a Groupon that had been offered for the event.

"Children are always our hardest calls that we have". "We were all very thankful". "Just by looking at it, it's not going to hold all that weight". "They had to wait to get in to see whether their children were injured or not".

Vault PK and the surrounding businesses were closed Sunday.

Investigators say they are reviewing construction permits for all the businesses, especially for the wooden structure that collapsed. The city of San Diego has red-tagged Vault PK and all other businesses inside the same building-meaning the gym can not reopen until any problems are fixed.