Veterans Day assembly held at Kuna High

  • Veterans Day assembly held at Kuna High

Veterans Day assembly held at Kuna High

Students of Sierra Lutheran High School took the opportunity to connect with veterans on a personal level Friday at the first Veterans Day assembly since the school's inception.

So on this day when students usually have off they are instead manning tables to try to drum up support for those who served so many years ago.

Emmons Elementary School will also be holding a program to honor veterans.

As Miller's story stimulated curious minds, some students mingled around veterans to hear about their stories.

East Lyme Middle School students on Friday reflected on the area residents who have served in the military throughout the nation's history and honored veterans and the service members who now are serving across the country and the world.

"The freedom of speech we tried to preserve also means the freedom to disagree with even what I'm saying", Tomer said.

"You're supposed to put it in your window or on a porch and when the veterans drive by it shows that you support them", said senior Carolyn Keatley.

Goldschmidt explained to the children that military members help protect the liberties and freedoms of Americans, and while police and fire personnel serve their local communities at home, many in the military go overseas. "I'm appreciative of your service and all of your heart".

Veterans said they enjoyed the event.

"A day like today lifts me up", said Murphy, who is a Cheshire resident.

Along with moments of silence and saluting veterans, students decorated halls as Walls of Honor, showcasing photos of family members whom served in the military.

Corpus Christi City Council members, veterans, and parents were in attendance.

"I'm obviously very happy that I stuck with it and I'm here today", she said.