Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman claims Larry Nassar sexually abused her

  • Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman claims Larry Nassar sexually abused her

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman claims Larry Nassar sexually abused her

Maroney said that Nassar had started abusing her at age 13, while Raisman claimed that it began at age 15.

Raisman tells her story to "60 Minutes" this Sunday, discussing what she has written in her new book "Fierce".

On Monday, People published an excerpt of Raisman's book, Fierce, in which the 23-year-old Needham native describes the alleged sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of the team doctor, who has been accused of sexually abusing hundreds of athletes under his care.

That is when USA Gymnastics stepped in she claims, and stopped her outreach. Nassar abused her until she left the sport, Maroney wrote, adding, "It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, I was 'treated'".

60 Minutes producer Andy Court says Raisman is trying to define her own narrative. The organization said in a statement to "Today" that investigators interviewed several gymnasts, including Raisman, and Nassar was sacked as a result. I was so nervous about speaking up.

"I am angry", said Raisman, who captained the United States team at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio games. As a member of the U.S. National Team from 1995 to 2000, Antolin received treatment from Dr. Nassar for several years.

Nassar pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges in July, and he faces 22 to 27 years in prison when he's sentenced on December 7.

Authorities revealed back in December of previous year that they had discovered over 37,000 images and videos of child pornography featuring girls as young as six and a Go Pro video of Nassar molesting a group of young girls in a pool.

Raisman revealed that she justified Dr. Nassar's behavior to the FBI investigator at first because she was so under his spell, viewing him as a friend. "I just think, I just want to create change so they never have to go through this".

"He would always bring me, you know, desserts or gifts", Raisman says.

"I didn't know anything differently". "You know, it impacts you for the rest of your life".

"It doesn't matter if you're the Olympic champion or you're an 8-year-old that goes to gymnastics in OH, or wherever you are in the United States", she told USA Today and the AP.

'Nobody ever educated me on, "Make sure you're not alone with an adult". It's such a horrific thing to happen and I stand here with all the other survivors that have been abused by Larry, and other people that have been abused by anyone. I didn't know what sexual abuse really was, ' said Raisman. "Treatment sessions" with him always made me feel tense and uncomfortable", Raisman wrote in the book being released this week.

'I really thought he was looking out for me.

"I want to help".

"Because I spent so much time training, traveling, and competing, I was very sheltered and innocent".

"I want people to know that I really didn't know what was happening to me", Raisman said.

It was after the Rio Games when she finally spoke with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a move she claims left some in the sport angry at both her and her Final Five teammates.

Reached on Friday, Newburg said he did not have a comment on Raisman's allegations.

"I was in denial", she tells LaPook on the broadcast.

Maroney said Nassar abused her before the US team won gold in the 2012 Olympics and before she won silver on vault.