Bieber's ex makes The Weeknd busy

He spent a good two hours with it, and wherever they went, they were holding each other's hand.

And now, it appears, The Weeknd has responded to their possible rekindled romance by... going after Bieber's OTHER ex, the very attractive 21-year-old model Yovanna Ventura.

The last 9 November, the singer went to the birthday of the rapper French Montana in the company of Yovanna Ventura.

Selena and Justin Bieber spend time together?

The Weeknd is spending time with Yovanna Ventura after splitting from Selena Gomez (Photo: Getty Images).

Another source added: 'He was parading her around.

That said, two musical celebs may have parted ways amicably.

"Selena is happy that her ex boyfriend Abel is moving on from their relationship but seeing or hearing about him with other women gets her emotional", sources close to Selena, spilled to Hollywood Life.

Bieber was linked to Ventura in 2014.

It seemed there was some bad blood between Bieber and The Weeknd as soon as the latter singer started dating Gomez.

Clearly, things rekindled between the two as the two have been spotted multiple times now, enjoying bike rides, date nights and attending church together. Biebs could just be checking in on his longtime friend given her recent health complications.

It seems that he has something better to do instead of worrying about The Weeknd's alleged romance with his ex. And who is dating their ex's ex's ex?

Since we all know that breakups can be rough, and we also all know that the codes of social media post-relationship are many and complicated, it's a little surprising to see this engagement from ex to ex!