Donna Brazile Gets Emotional Discussing Seth Rich Murder

  • Donna Brazile Gets Emotional Discussing Seth Rich Murder

Donna Brazile Gets Emotional Discussing Seth Rich Murder

Donna Brazile was in no mood Saturday morning to explain why she didn't blow the whistle on the Hillary Clinton campaign for allegedly rigging the democratic nomination against Bernie Sanders. when she knew what was up.

Brazile accused the Clinton campaign of a "secret takeover of the DNC" in her book and a Politico op-ed released last week, writing that "if the fight (between Clinton and Sanders) had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead".

Brazile told the crowd about her meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation after agents confirmed the DNC emails had been hacked by Russians.

She also said she feels the Democratic party needs to do more to embrace other parts of the party and develop young future candidates to deepen the Democratic bench.

Brazile admits that President Trump was right: The Democratic primary was rigged.

"I'm happy she wrote the book".

Where did she get the money to pay off insiders in the DNC? "I was anxious that this would give the impression that the DNC was in the tank for one candidate, and that in my judgment was immoral", she said.

Brazile's allegations paint a truly deplorable picture of Clinton.

Appearing by phone on SiriusXM's Make It Plain with host Mark Thompson, Brazile spoke about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich - whose death has been the subject of many conspiracy theories on the right. "That man can play some tenor sax". She first found out about the hack while "grooving" at a Beyoncé concert, she recounted. But do these off-year election results mean a true comeback for the Democratic party?

"(Tuesday) night's election results across the country, including in MA, showed us that Republicans had money and power", she said.

"They're becoming less and less relevant", she said of the Democratic and Republican parties.

"He was my child", Brazile said.