Utes release graduation rates for student-athletes

  • Utes release graduation rates for student-athletes

Utes release graduation rates for student-athletes

"We challenged each other, we poured resources into the program and we put great people in place to lead, mentor and educate our student-athletes who have since worked hard to make this happen".

In a release, Arkansas Athletics Director Jeff Long championed the findings in the latest GSR, stating his department has "worked purposefully to provide additional support and encouragement to assist" athletes over the past decade, and the department has "made tremendous progress". The outgoing transfers are included in the receiving institution's GSR cohort. Unlike the federal graduation rate, the GSR holds institutions accountable for transfer students. This year's change was marked by a 3 percent increase from last year for African-American athletes, to 77 percent from 74 percent.

The data is impacted by several variables, including players who opt for professional opportunities, and student-athletes in good academic standing who choose to transfer to another program or leave school early. The NCAA calculates the rates based on the number of student-athletes who graduated within six years after initially enrolling, in addition to those who left an institution prior to graduating but would have been academically eligible to compete.

The 2016-17 academic year had the highest Graduation Success Rate, or GSR, for Texas Tech Athletics in school history. The WCC average is 90 percent and the NCAA average is 85. The UConn score is also two points above the national Division I average.

Five additional teams - women's cross country/track (96), swimming (95), softball (92), volleyball (92) and women's basketball (90) - earned a score of 90 percent-or-higher.

Among Utah State's 16 NCAA sponsored sports, three have a 100 percent GSR in golf, soccer and men's tennis, as men's tennis has now achieved that metric for 10 straight years. "They recruit with that in mind and structure their programs to foster high achievement in the classroom as well as in the arena".

Furthermore, women's cross country/track programs ranked first in the Mountain West, while golf, soccer and men's tennis programs all tied for first in the conference.

Five of the Herd's programs had flawless 100 percent rates. The women's basketball, women's tennis and volleyball programs have achieved a ideal GSR each of the 13 years the rate has been computed by the NCAA.