Twitter is so excited about Andrea Jenkins' historic win in Minnesota

  • Twitter is so excited about Andrea Jenkins' historic win in Minnesota

Twitter is so excited about Andrea Jenkins' historic win in Minnesota

Victory Fund says Jenkins is the first openly transgender woman ever elected to the city council of a major US city. According to the Advocate, Althena Garrison, a black woman, was the first transgender person elected to state legislature in 1992, but did not campaign openly with her gender and was violently ousted by The Boston Herald. However, Jenkins's election to the City Council after so many years of serving Minneapolis was a natural transition. She won a 2011 Bush Fellowship to work on transgender issues, and now curates the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota.

Jenkins won in the city's Eighth Ward, where she had been a policy aide to departing Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden.

In addition to Council President Barb Johnson losing, incumbent Blong Yang was defeated in the 5th Ward by first-time candidate Jeremiah Ellison who said with the election over, he is ready to get to work with his new colleagues just as soon as possible. Vote counting will extend into Wednesday. The city needs affordable health care, affordable housing and police accountability, she said.

While other transgender politicians have taken seat in office before, the word "openly" makes a difference here.

Jenkins was not the only transgender woman to declare victory on Election Day.

Others in the ward and at City Hall who have worked with Jenkins over more than a decade share the same enthusiasm.

'I'm really, really deeply proud of my community'. "They didn't have... artifacts and factual records", she said.

Jenkins wasn't the only black transgender person running for a seat on the Minneapolis City Council. According to the Post, Roem said on Tuesday night, as her margin of victory became clear, "Discrimination is a disqualifier".

The win was especially heralded due to Marshall's refusal to debate Roem, to whom his ads referred as a man, rather than as a woman.

Jenkins urged her supporters to continue showing up and keep her abreast of community issues. During yesterday's elections across the USA three of them won their races in what's being called a stunning rebuke to Trump's divisive politics. Transgender people, Jenkins said, aren't asking for special rights - just the "human rights" allotted to all American citizens.