Ol PNG Manus lida ino wanbel long midia itok nogutim Manus

  • Ol PNG Manus lida ino wanbel long midia itok nogutim Manus

Ol PNG Manus lida ino wanbel long midia itok nogutim Manus

An official says more than 500 asylum seekers remain in a decommissioned Australian immigration camp in Papua New Guinea after a court ruled authorities no longer have to supply power, food and water.

"The residents must move immediately as the PNGICSA and authorities is assessing the situation and may take steps to move them for the interest of all residents including staff who are within the vicinity that may also be exposed to contagious diseases as a result of wastes pilling up from residents refusing to move".

The letter continued: "If necessary, force may be used to relocate those who refuse to move voluntarily for your own sake".

"Demolition of fences will commence today and your security and safety here is not guaranteed".

The centre was closed last Tuesday, but about 600 refugees indefinitely detained there by Australia are refusing to leave, as they say the alternative accommodation is not up to standard.

Mr Boochani, a refugee on Manus Island who has reported on the men's plight on social media and elsewhere, said they were still refusing to leave after receiving the notice.

O' Neill said the Detention Centre was established for the objective of processing asylum claims which has been completed.

"The centre will not be reopened and it will be returned to its former function as a defence force facility", he said.

Lily Matchett, spokesperson for WACA explained the group's actions were "in protest of the humanitarian crisis unfolding on Manus Island under our Government's watch".

"Any person using threat and intimidation to stop others from moving will be dealt with accordingly and will be held responsible for the security and health consequences those remaining face".

"If people are hurt or worse their blood will be on the hands of Peter Dutton and Malcom Turnbull". Provinsal polis komanda long Manus David Yapu ibin tokim Pacific Beat olsem, emi ting planti moa man bai bihaenim ol despla 38 ol man pastem long weekend.