Obama reports for $17.20-a-day jury duty

  • Obama reports for $17.20-a-day jury duty

Obama reports for $17.20-a-day jury duty

Obama's appearance at the courthouse created quite a stir.

"Look at this. Did you know I was coming?" he asked one man who held a copy of Obama's "Dreams From My Father". In the courthouse lobby, people craned their necks for a glimpse of Obama and took cellphone pictures of him.

Before he left, Obama went around the room to greet his fellow jurors, some of whom anticipated his arrival and brought books for him to sign, Evans said.

Obama was one of 168 people who reported for jury duty today at the Daley Center in Chicago, IL, except unlike the other 167 individuals, his arrival was accompanied by a storm of media personnel and fans.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told reporters that Obama was not chosen to serve on a jury, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Local reports said members of the secret service had arrived at the courthouse in anticipation of Mr Obama's visit.

For his troubles, Obama is in line to receive $17.20 - the daily rate of pay for performing this civic duty. Former president Bill Clinton was called to a federal court in New York City in 2003, while former president George W Bush arrived in Dallas ready to serve in 2015. Then he heard the words most prospective jurors pray for: You're dismissed.

A jury duty summons is usually sent in the post and requires the recipient to report on the designated day or face consequences such as a fine.

The south side of Chicago is also where the future Obama presidential center will be built, near the former leader's home.

Obama still owns a home at 51st and Greenwood, and is registered to vote in Chicago, although he and his family live in D.C.