More than 100000 people petition Pennsylvania to free Meek Mill

  • More than 100000 people petition Pennsylvania to free Meek Mill

More than 100000 people petition Pennsylvania to free Meek Mill

The sentence came as a surprise to many because prosecutors in the case recommended the rapper be spared more jail time for the probation violations, commending Mill for staying away from drugs since January and complying with the requirements of his probation. "And when a judge says to someone, Can you re-record a song, mention my name and do a shout-out to me about how I [saved] your life and he says no?"

Mill has been on probation for a 2009 drug and gun case.

Tacopina's allegations referred to an in-chambers meeting during an earlier probation violation hearing, on February 5, 2016, that was requested by Mill and his then-attorney Frank DeSimone. However, this history and her awareness of his celebrity is why his lawyer says things were unfair and handled inappropriately. "We fully intend to right this awful wrong and bring him home", McMonagle said.

In ending Mill's probation, Brinkley cited technical violations including misdemeanor arrests in New York City and St. Louis and providing a urine specimen that showed he was using the prescription narcotic Percocet. The charges were dropped after he agreed to perform community service.

But Mill's attorney, Joe Tacopina, told Billboard that he believes the case was personal for Judge Brinkley, and her sentence stems from an "infatuation" with the rapper.

JAY-Z is once again speaking out about Meek Mill's recent prison sentence, which has been roundly criticized as harsh and unfair.

The sentence rounded out a roughly decade-long back and forth between the 30-year-old musician and Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley that has dogged Mill's career as he had been jailed and called to court multiple times on various infractions.

Meek Mill has turned himself in. "Fuckin" 11 years. Probation. In October, he pleaded guilty to reckless driving after he was arrested following the surfacing of a video that showed him doing wheelies on a dirt bike in Manhattan.

Meek's lawyer has claimed the judge had a vendetta against the rapper and plans to appeal.

Earlier this year, Meek released his Wins & Losses album.