Jockey fined, suspended for punching horse

  • Jockey fined, suspended for punching horse

Jockey fined, suspended for punching horse

He then promptly was suspended for two weeks by Thoroughbred Racing South Australia, which seems about two years or two decades too short.

The 22-year-old became frustrated with his horse, She's Reneldasgirl, after the filly became unsettled and reared up while others were loaded into the docks around her.

'It's disgusting, it's not a good look for the industry and it's not a good look for myself'.

"It was a brain fade and it shouldn't have happened", he said.

'Dylan Caboche was suspended under rule AR175 (q) (misconduct) for striking his mount prior to loading.

Caboche received a 2-week suspension for his actions, and while his horse Reneldasgirl seemed to be okay, it's wonderful that this type of animal abuse didn't warrant a more stiff penalty.

CPR spokesperson Ward Young told Seven Sport: "You don't get to punch a horse and get away with it".

'You don't deserve to be a jockey, ' one person tweeted directly to the under-fire rider.

"Unfortunately we see this kind of cruelty everyday when whips and spurs are used on racehorses".

Furious punters have also flocked to social media to slam the lenient punishment, with many calling for a life ban.

This comes after Irish jockey Davy Russell received a four-day ban from the Turf Club for punching a horse in the back of the head during a similar incident at Tramore.

A shocking video is going rounds that show a jockey brutally punching a horse in the stomach out of some rage and it was caught on camera.

'Obviously the jockey just lost his temper, but that's just not acceptable from a professional sportsman, ' he said.

"This decision was made in the best interests of the horse", Dr Forbes said.