United Kingdom minister apologizes for unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials

  • United Kingdom minister apologizes for unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials

United Kingdom minister apologizes for unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials

United Kingdom ministers are required to notify the Foreign Office when conducting official business overseas, but Patel admitted that she failed to do so.

But fresh fresh details suggest that Number 10 knew about meetings held with the Israel foreign ministry official Yuval Rotem in NY in September but asked Ms Patel to keep quiet to avoid embarrassing the Foreign Office.

On Monday, Priti Patel released a statement in which she listed 12 meetings that she'd had that weren't authorised when she was in Israel.

Mr Burt faced calls of "Where is she?" from the opposition benches when he rose to respond on Ms Patel's behalf.

Her decision to resign as International Development Secretary came after being summoned back from an official visit to Africa for a showdown with Theresa May in Downing Street.

Priti Patel forced to make humiliating apology for undisclosed meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu whilst on holiday in Israel. The existence of such a meeting or meetings would call into question the official account of Ms Patel's behaviour, and the goal of her visit, ' he said. And I'm told that the information was then conveyed to Number 10.

She added: "In hindsight, I can see how my enthusiasm to engage in this way could be misread, and how meetings were set up and reported in a way which did not accord with the usual procedures".

He said Foreign Office officials in Israel had only become aware of her visit on August 24, after she was already in the country. "I am sorry for this and I apologize for it".

In the latest crisis for Britain's beleaguered government, the worldwide development secretary Priti Patel cut short a trip to Africa, flying back to London after Prime Minister Theresa May ordered her to return.

However, No 10 learnt from the BBC that among the options discussed by Ms Patel was channelling humanitarian aid to the Israeli army.

The statement said that Patel and Netanyahu had held an "introductory meeting" in which they had discussed Patel's family background as the daughter of Ugandan Indian migrants growing up in an area of the United Kingdom with a "thriving Jewish community".

Stephen Pollard wrote in the Jewish Chronicle that an aide at Number 10 had told Ms Patel not to include the meeting in her update on Monday to avoid embarrassing the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

"This is another out-of-control minister in [British Prime Minister] Theresa May's weak government, but this time with implications for Britain's standing in the world as an honest broker and model for fairness in distributing aid".

"That means it's stone-cold certain the Foreign Office knew of the meeting".

The new details raise further questions about just what Number 10 knew about Ms Patel's meetings and when.

May's most senior minister Damian Green is also under investigation from Britain's Cabinet Office after claims by a former senior police officer that pornography was found on one of his work computers and that he made an inappropriate sexual advance on a young woman.

"It has now emerged that, contrary to her statement on Friday, the Foreign Secretary was never told in advance about her meetings in Israel - which we have only now discovered included meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and with the Foreign Ministry".