Twitter doubles tweet character count to 280 for all users

  • Twitter doubles tweet character count to 280 for all users

Twitter doubles tweet character count to 280 for all users

Twitter claims that the changes are a good thing (because of course they're a good thing), because "only" 5% of tweets with the 280 character limit exceeded 140 characters and only 2% were over 190 characters.

But according to Twitter, there was a soft launch - more like a tester - for users in September. Twitter just wants users to tweet without worrying about the limit - while 99% of tweets won't hit the limit anyway.

The 140-character limit is a relic of a previous technological era. Those people also got more followers, spent more time on the platform and interacted more with other users on the service, the company added. This is helpful for English-speaking users, and as a caveat, posts in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, which have historically never struggled with the amount of writing space, will remain at the 140-character limit.

The social media company says this is because they see a small percentage of tweets posted using the full 140 characters in certain languages.

Hope Corrigan is an Australian freelance writer for IGN who will probably never use 280 characters. The roll out occurs at a controversial point as a lot of users opine that the brand is spoiling its originality and disrupts their core value which made Twitter so popular in the first place for its crisp presentation.

With 280 characters to spare, many said brevity will lose out.

Twitter, which became a public company in 2013, has never reported a profit, even though it has built a loyal base of celebrities, journalists and political figures, including prolific tweeter Trump. Most English users had the same complaint to be put forth!

It also risks Twitter looking a bit more like Facebook, one analyst contended, and might prompt the leading online social network to respond to what it might see as a competitive threat.

Twitter previously prided itself on its limit, which forced people to edit their views and opinions and think hard about getting it all in.

The site now has 330 million active users.