IPhone X ranks second behind Pixel 2 on DxOMark charts

  • IPhone X ranks second behind Pixel 2 on DxOMark charts

IPhone X ranks second behind Pixel 2 on DxOMark charts

That's what DxOMark concluded in its new review, giving the phone a best-ever sub-score of 101 for photos.

The iPhone X got good Exposure, Color, Texture, Noise, and Artifacts to offer incredible photo quality.

What's interesting is that Google Pixel 2 features a single 12MP camera lens at the back, unlike iPhone X which features a dual rear camera setup. Then Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 tied the iPhone 8 Plus, and most recently Google's Pixel 2 took the number one spot with a 98 (the highest score yet).

Now, as the iPhone X has been launched, it has been tested by DxOMark and has been given an overall score of 97, which is still behind Google Pixel 2. The iPhone X managed to score well with better noise, zoom, and bokeh scores.

DxOMark post further notes that Apple's latest flagship smartphone performs quite well when it comes to shooting outdoors or in bright light conditions.

In comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X's larger f/2.4 aperture on the telephoto lens with optical image stabilisation - the 8 Plus has a smaller f/2.8 aperture with no OIS instead - produces some tangible improvements.

According to DxOMark, the iPhone X was the top performer for still photos with a score of 101 on photos and 89 on videos, this gives it a total socre of 97 which is just one Point behind the Pixel 2. Performance like the image below earned the X a score of 90 for 'Exposure and Contrast'. The site's full review of the iPhone X's camera performance can be found here.

DxO doesn't share the video testing in its review, but shares a shorter synopsis toward the end. Others include underexposed pictures with visible red-eye in photos clicked using flash, as well as slight loss of sharpness during tracking in low light. It is because the iPhone X has better telephoto lens.