Facebook brings Payment in Messenger to France and UK

  • Facebook brings Payment in Messenger to France and UK

Facebook brings Payment in Messenger to France and UK

Or maybe you've taken a cab with a friend and had to split the fare with cash. It is worth noting also that some services like PayPal and money transfer service TrasnferWise have also created bots on Messenger so you can use their service without having to leave the app itself. Whether you're sending someone money for your share of the check, or you're splitting a group gift, payments in Messenger is super convenient. While the service now operates in both the U.S. and United Kingdom, there is currently no facility to transfer monies between the two countries via Messenger. And there are certain complexities to cross-border payments that Facebook is wise not to confront right away.

Those enhancements are also supported in the beta version of the Messenger website plugin, Facebook says.

Marcus believes that Messenger is the flawless platform for payments because it mimics the way in which we arrange our lives offline.

"'With P2P [peer-to-peer] payments, this paves the path to us enabling small and large businesses to accept payments inside of Messenger", said David Marcus, who leads Facebook's Messenger team.

But Facebook said it is taking "extra steps" to protect payment information in the new feature. When you're in a chat, press the blue "plus" button symbol near the bottom of the screen and then hit the green payment button.

Your cash will be transferred to your friend within in one to three business days. They link their account to their debit card and can request payments to friends in seconds by messaging them and entering...

The social network is aiming to make its Messenger app more like China's main social app, WeChat.

You'll also be asked to enter a pin number which Facebook says will protect your money.

Is Facebook Messenger payments secure?

In China, WeChat is the app that Facebook wants Messenger to be.

It's already available in the US.

If that isn't a promising prospect to keep with you throughout the day, I don't know what is.