American Hero Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade

  • American Hero Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade

American Hero Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade

The image of Juli Briskman, which quickly went viral, was taken by an official White House photographer in Virginia as the president's auto passed her on her bicycle.

That case could be bolstered by Briskman's claim that one male employee who posted a highly offensive comment on Facebook just a few months prior to her violation. "I saw somebody holding a newspaper; I assumed he was in there".

Have her ex-employers not scene Trump's Twitter feed. He was leaving a Sterling, Va., golf course at the time. "I'm thinking DACA recipients are getting kicked out. So they were calling flipping him off 'obscene.'" She says she told her bosses that her online presence doesn't mention Akima LLC and that, as a contract worker, she wasn't now on a job for them. "I started thinking, You're golfing again when there is so much going on right now".

"They told the owner of the studio she should fire me", she said.

"In some ways, I'm doing better than ever", she told HuffPost.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.

What she didn't know is that a White House photographer traveling with the president snapped a picture of that from behind.

It was soon embraced by Trump critics.

Briskman said her supervisors showed her the clause in the contract when they fired her. Once she found out about the circulation of the photograph, she chose to inform the HR department of her company and explain the incident to them. In fact, she said she's happy to be an image of protest that resonates with many Americans.

So what was she thinking when she gave Trump the finger?

By Monday morning, October 30, Ms. Briskman had affixed the image on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Briskman said she was left baffled by the company's swift response to her one-fingered salute, and is looking to file a lawsuit against Akima. But she decided it would be a good idea to mention it to a human resources official at her employer. That woman was given bad news on Halloween: You're fired. The human resources official said no. The self-identified Democrat said she plans to look for a job with left-wing advocacy groups such as PETA and Planned Parenthood. The government contractor she worked for called it 'obscene'.

They also said the photo could end up hurting the business because it was a government contractor. Bustle has reached out to Akima for comment, but has not heard back as of the time of publication. On Monday afternoon, the company's website appeared to be inaccessible.