Netflix email scam targets millions of users

  • Netflix email scam targets millions of users

Netflix email scam targets millions of users

An email scam is hitting millions of Netflix subscribers worldwide.

Netflix suggested that users concerned about future scams can visit companies' website or contact customer service.

Complete with Netflix logos and a legitimate looking layout, the email is telling users that their account would be suspended because they're "unable to validate your billing information for the next billing cycle". When a curious user naturally opens up the email, they're presented with a link that redirects to a dummy Netflix page where they're instructed to enter their login credentials along with their credit card information.

This isn't the first time Netflix customers have been targeted by scammers.

To confirm who really sent an email, click on the downward arrow next to the sender's name in Gmail.

Netflix users are being warned against a fake email making its rounds to steal the personal and credit card information of users.

Netflix told USA Today that the emails are fake, and don't come from the company. In order to verify any emails about billing or other information, Netflix said people could put their cursor over whatever link is in the note and see the real address at the bottom of their browser.

Deadline shared a copy of one of the emails, and it looks professionally done and the email is personalized, which obviously makes subscribers think it's from Netflix, although it's not from a Netflix email address.

The company released a statement Monday saying it takes "the security of our members' accounts seriously".