Google Is Adding Restaurant Wait Times to Search Results

Once it rolls out in their area, Googlers will be able to see not just average hourly crowd sizes under a restaurant's listing, but also a guess for how long it'll take to get a seat. The addition is an expansion on Google's existing feature which shows businesses' busy times, but with a tweak that helps diners better decide where and when they want to eat.

Coming soon, Google Search and Google Maps will show estimated wait times for almost a million sit-down restaurants across the world, the company announced today. The information will be added to the Google Maps app in the near future.

People can also check to see wait times for other days in the week. To calculate wait times, Google analyzes patterns of customer visits over the last several weeks.

Users will find that directly below the graphed data showing popular times, Google will now show estimated wait times if you were to walk in the door at that very moment. Moreover, summaries of each day's wait times can be pulled up by scrolling through the results. This isn't for restaurants requiring reservations, but the walk-in restaurants.

Google says the feature begins rolling out today, and once live, you'll see the times in the restaurant listings on both mobile and desktop.