Facebook brings Messenger payments to France and the UK

  • Facebook brings Messenger payments to France and the UK

Facebook brings Messenger payments to France and the UK

The functionality of Facebook Messenger P-to-P does not cross borders - a U.K. Messenger user can not send funds to a French recipient and vice versa.

As reported, to send or receive money, a user has to add his or her debit card details which will become the payment account.

You'll also be asked to set and enter a pin number so your mates can't cheekily send themselves the money for a round while you're in the pub bogs. Skype lets users in almost two dozen countries send cash within its mobile app via PayPal and PayPal has a bot that let's you send money within Slack. David Marcus, head of Messenger, said that, in the U.S., most people use payments in Messenger to send less than $50 at a time.

Messenger has more than 1.2 billion monthly users around the world. The money is then transferred in up to three business days.

The Messenger payments system is simple to figure out.

"Messenger uses people's authentic identities so people know who they are talking to", says Facebook.

But Facebook said it is taking "extra steps" to protect payment information in the new feature.

It further added: "Plus, since payments in Messenger use debit cards, as with any other debit card payment, if there are unauthorized charges, people have recourse with their bank".

A limit of £10,000 worth of transfers every 30 days will be established for the service to prevent fraud although experience from the United States, where the system has been in place since 2015, suggests the majority will use it to transfer sums of £38 or less. M, which is completely automated, will recognize when people are discussing payments and gives them the option of easily sending or requesting money. In addition to payments, starting today M will suggest sending stickers, sharing your location, starting a poll (in a group conversation) or sending birthday wishes.