Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Motorcade Loses Her Job

  • Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Motorcade Loses Her Job

Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Motorcade Loses Her Job

A Virginia woman was sacked from her job after a photo of her flipping off Donald Trump's motorcade went viral.

The image went viral after it was taken on 28 October in Virginia, close to a Trump golf resort.

The rider who raised a middle finger to President Trump's motorcade may have been praised by many on social media after her recent gesture, but the 50-year-old marketing executive has lost her job as a result.

She was aware of the comment because monitoring Facebook was one of the tasks that fell under her purview at the company.

As she was monitoring Facebook this summer, she found a public comment by a senior director at the company in an otherwise civil discussion by one of his employees about Black Lives Matter.

According to left-leaning HuffPost, Julie Briskman made the obscene gesture twice at the president's motorcade as she was cycling.

Her employer, a government contractor, didn't appreciate her personal politics and let her go over the incident. Now she's out of a job. "How is that fair?"

According to Briskman, the choice to give the middle-finger salute wasn't just random. "Basically, you can not have "lewd" or 'obscene" things in your social media.

"I did not see him, but he was the target", she said of Mr. Trump.

Virginia is an employment-at-will-state, meaning that employers can fire people anytime and for any reason.

To add insult to injury, Briskman told the Post that she was in charge of the firm's social media presence and she had recently flagged an employee's social media use.

The colleague allegedly called someone "a f-ing Libtard a-hole" online and was only reprimanded, she said.

"I'm considering, DACA beneficiaries are getting kicked out". He pulled ads for open for open enrollment in Obamacare.

"Just a single third of Puerto Rico has control".

"I'd do it again", Briskman concluded.

"I wasn't even at work when I did that", she said. "I'm angry about where our country is right now. I am apalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something".

Briskman worked for Akima LLC, a Virginia-based company that holds several government contracts.

An Akima representative said the company would email a statement about firing Briskman, but hasn't done so by the time of publication.

What she didn't know is that a White House photographer traveling with the president snapped a picture of that from behind.