Iran displays missile on anniversary of USA embassy takeover

  • Iran displays missile on anniversary of USA embassy takeover

Iran displays missile on anniversary of USA embassy takeover

Khamenei rallied students against President Donald Trump's decision to decertify the 2015 nuclear treaty and his attempts to depict Iran as a supporter of terrorism.

A surface-to-surface missile was on full display as thousands gathered at the former United States compound, the first time such weaponry has been on display during the annual event. "And when a missile is tested thousands of kilometers away, after [issuing empty] threats, all their president does is put out a tweet", he said. The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980 and the ties between the two countries have remained severed ever since.

Since the Islamic Revolution's victory in 1979, the Iranian nation has held the record in foiling USA plots and humiliating American statesmen, Shamkhani said. The militants took 52 USA hostages as the United States refused to hand over the shah, who had fled to the US.

Iran's supreme leader blasted President Donald Trump's harsh condemnation of his country last month, and emphasized his commitment to resisting US attempts to renegotiate a multilateral nuclear treaty and to defending his country's reputation from accusations by Washington.

Given that the JCPOA a win-win deal, Salehi said, Iran is trying to keep it alive and all the parties involved need to be committed to their obligations; it is in the interest of NPT too, since if JCPOA does not work, not only the NPT, but also any other global treaty will lose its credibility. Demonstrators burned an effigy of U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as Israeli and U.S. flags.

In an address to the Saturday rally in Tehran, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said that the US's foreign policy had failed.

Shamkhani also noted that the countries that have supported the US's anti-Iran stance over the past years were themselves at a loss.

Though U.S. diplomats and Central Intelligence Agency officers shredded thousands of documents before the students entered the building, the Iranian researchers spent years piecing each paper slice back together.

In an interview with Iran IRIB1 Negahe Yek on Saturday, Salehi said Amano has a special responsibility at this time, and the IAEA is the only authority that can assess the obligations of the member states, and tries to take necessary measures according to the events occurring in the USA against JCPOA. Many Iranians call it the "den of spies".