IPhone X OLED display can suffer from 'burn-in' issues: Apple

  • IPhone X OLED display can suffer from 'burn-in' issues: Apple

IPhone X OLED display can suffer from 'burn-in' issues: Apple

Localytics promises to release more market share data as it becomes available, and we can't wait for Apple to finally share a little bit about Apple iPhone X sales. The face-down test rendered the iPhone X useless due to a shattered screen and unresponsive inputs, including the facial recognition feature. The display reached near textbook flawless calibration and performance.

"You'd expect there to be a high price to pay for a attractive phone like the iPhone X. Unfortunately for consumers, in the end it's likely to be more than the $1,000 they've already invested", said Jason Siciliano, global creative director at Square Trade in a press release. You can read the full report at the link below!

On Friday, Apple published a support document titled "About the Super Retina display on your iPhone X". The higher a device scores on a 100-point scale which is based on factors like physical characteristics, components, and drop, dunk, bend, tumble, and shot tests to simulate everyday use, the more breakable it is. SquareTrade has been putting the latest phones through their paces over the past couple years. In the second drop, the phone fell directly on its front face. Once I turned off the screen, I noticed an additional hairline fracture running from the bottom left where the second scuff was nearly to the top of the phone. Although the screen was able to recognize touch through cracks suffered during the test, the "home" swipe command failed, stranding users in the app that happened to be open.

Repairing a cracked screen on the iPhone 7 and 8 costs $149, while the larger Plus versions cost $20 more.

And here's the quoted test results that SquareTrade sent. "With the iPhone X, that is no longer the case", according to the New York Times.

In its own drop test, CNET tossed it 3 feet to the sidewalk, and iPhone X came away with a small crack and a seperate fracture on the back of the device. A smile can be found on the faces of iPhone droppers every time a screen goes uncracked, spurning the hefty fix fee or, worse yet, the looming expense of buying another smartphone.