Fifty Shades Freed final teaser trailer released

  • Fifty Shades Freed final teaser trailer released

Fifty Shades Freed final teaser trailer released

Christian surprises his bride with a attractive new dream home he had built for her, but when the home's architect is a little too hands-on with Christian, Anastasia is having none of it, asking that she "please stop speaking to my husband as if I weren't here".

And they still like to get a little insane in their S&M room, meaning this is anything but your average union.

The final installment in the Fifty Shades movie trilogy - based on E.L. James' hit novel series of the same name - is set to hit theaters in just three months. Following the slew of revelations that came out about Christian's past during Fifty Shades Darker (including, his full history with "Mrs. Robinson"), the pair now feel that they are finally in a stable place and that taking it to the next level - by formally being husband and wife - seems to be a good idea. In fact, if there were any possible way for the makers of this film to fit the Audi in the shower to join and Ana and Christian for a steamy, human-automobile threesome, I'm quite sure they would have.

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Apart from the trailer, Fifty Shades Freed also gets a new poster which brings focus on the changed positions of Christian (the one being dominated) and Ana (the master).

With its massive fanbase, mainly avid devourers of E L James' books, the trailer is expected to attract many millions of views over the next 24 hours. Kim Basinger is also involved, as Elena, the woman who first introduced a then 15-year-old Christian to his dom-sub lifestyle. After the couple realize they're being stalked by Anastasia's former boss, Jack Hyde, the clip spirals into a spree of sex, knives, wild vehicle chases and gunfire.

The teaser for Fifty Shades Freed was very focused on marriage, vows, ominous threats, and a few hints at sexual playfulness.