'WoW' add-on 'Battle for Azeroth' brings the series back to basics

  • 'WoW' add-on 'Battle for Azeroth' brings the series back to basics

'WoW' add-on 'Battle for Azeroth' brings the series back to basics

Off the heels of one of the most well-received expansions in the game's history, the newest expansion for World of Warcraft is here: Battle For Azeroth. Blizzard is bringing back vanilla World of Warcraft, WoW Executive Producer J. Allan Brack today announced during BlizzCon 2017's opening ceremony.

Players will explore the Zandalar empire and the home of Jaina Proudmoore, Kul Tiras.

Four of these races have been revealed as: Highmountain Tauren (Horde), Nightborne (Horde), Void Elf (Alliance), and Lightforged Draenei (Alliance).

Perhaps the most exciting addition this expansion brings to the table is the inclusion of a new islands system that adds an nearly rogue-like element to the game.

Co-op Warfronts are new to the expansion and groups of 20 will attempt to capture key locations It's a PvE mode inspired by the Warcraft RTS.

Legacy servers have been something fans have asked Blizzard for for some time, and until now the only way to get that experience was through using legacy servers until Blizzard has them shut down.

While new and veteran players can jump these new races up to the level cap by purchasing a boost, or simply buying a race change for an existing character, there are incentives for taking the long way. Going by the name of World of Warcraft: Classic, this server will not have any of the new races, classes, or regions from the expansions. Based on previous release trends, most people expact this expansion to be available sometime during the summer of 2018.

Exactly what World of Warcraft Classic will include and not include has not yet been fully revealed and there is no word on a release date yet.