IN gas prices on the rise

  • IN gas prices on the rise

IN gas prices on the rise

"It the case of Exxon Joliet refinery, (It's) nearly two-and-a-half times the size of the Co-op refinery we have in Regina, that has gone through maintenance as did two other refineries".

GasBuddy analysts blame a combination of issues are to blame which even include Hurricane Harvey, which temporarily disabled refinery operations in the Houston, TX area.

While DeHaan doesn't expect prices to increase much past the $3 mark this season, he said if any complication arises, his prediction could be proven wrong.

The Explorer Pipeline, which runs from the Gulf Coast through St. Louis to Chicago and has a capacity of almost 700,000 barrels a day, sustained a leak last week.

Those issues have led to the lowest gasoline inventories since 2015 when the BP refinery shut down in Whiting, Indiana.

The Kentucky average price was listed at $2.429/gallon, and the national average was $2.508. Prices in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and IL are expected to hit the highest levels since 2015.

The Great Lakes region is seeing the fastest rising prices in the nation right now according to GasBuddy, and they say gas prices may soon rise to their highest since 2015.

Gillette gas prices are lower than the state average, ranging from $2.37 a gallon to $2.39 a gallon.

Along with the Explorer pipeline getting fixed, McTeague said a lot of the major refineries down south are conducting annual maintenance a bit later than usual.

The issue is also causing gas prices to skyrocket in areas of Canada as well.

DeHaan says the fix could be completed in a few days, but that it will still take more maintenance to set it right.

DeHaan says gas prices should come back down by Thanksgiving and Christmas, but likely won't dip below $2 anytime in the foreseeable future. But it still take days for the gas flows to return to normal.