Surface Pro with 450Mbps LTE launching December 1, starting at $1149

  • Surface Pro with 450Mbps LTE launching December 1, starting at $1149

Surface Pro with 450Mbps LTE launching December 1, starting at $1149

That will change in December when the company ships Surface Pro devices with built-in LTE Advanced modems capable of pushing data at up to 450 Mbps.

Adding LTE to the new Surface Pro without impacting the device's size also has a lot to owe to its fanless design.

The modem inside Surface Pro with LTE Advanced supports 20 cellular bands and enables download speeds of up to 450Mbps. Microsoft insists that LTE battery life will be substantially identical to that when using Wi-Fi, so as long as you're only using one kind of connectivity at a time. It would be surprising, though, for Microsoft to hold the LTE version back from consumers.

Microsoft says that Surface Pro with LTE Advanced, as the new version is formally known as, will start shipping to business customers in December. CR has already stated that it will not award the coveted "Recommended" status to the new Surface Book 2 and Microsoft is still rankled by the decision. The Surface Pro could be an option for those business leaders looking for a device with a more traditional-feeling keyboard.

The Surface Pro LTE Advanced will be available in two variants. If you recently bought a new Surface device, please share your experience with it in the comments section below. The 13-inch models will be available from Microsoft Stores, and retailers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Austria. These will be priced at $1,149 and $1,449 in the U.S., respectively, the firm announced at its London-based event.

The gadget runs on an Intel Core i5 processor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem. Prices range from $1,149-$1,449, depending on RAM and SSD size.

The Surface Book 2 packs a 7th-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 or the latest 8th-generation quad-core Core i7 processor, and is available with up to a mid-range Nvidia GPU, the GTX 1060.