Strangers caught having sex on flight

  • Strangers caught having sex on flight

Strangers caught having sex on flight

Reports say that the woman was caught performing oral sex on the plane while the duo were still in their seats. The two were reportedly strangers before meeting on the plane, officials told WDIV.

The pair, who had only met during the flight, were flying from Los Angeles to Detroit when they allegedly engaged in the lewd act.

According to officials, the two only met on board the aircraft and were traveling to Detroit to catch different connecting flights.

The risky quest to join what's known as the "Mile High Club" has landed two more people in hot water.

A woman, 48, and the man, 28, were arrested following the mid-air incident that left fellow passengers lost for words.

"We investigate crimes aboard aircraft, once the boarding door closes, regardless of severity", Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman Ray Johnson told the Detroit Free Press.

"There are children", another passenger said.

The feds said the two could be charged with anything from a misdemeanour to a felony.

The airline declined to comment on the investigation on Tuesday morning.

"The FBI issued the citations, so they are handling the case", said Donerson, adding that she didn't know the exact nature of the citation.