Google launches $2000 Hangouts Meet kits for corporate meetings

  • Google launches $2000 Hangouts Meet kits for corporate meetings

Google launches $2000 Hangouts Meet kits for corporate meetings

The software's touchscreen interface gives employees a hub to check on upcoming meetings, get the details on scheduled events and manage meeting participants. It can also detect which participant is talking and then uses digital zoom and tilt to frame the speaker. You can pin members, mute the audio, adjust the camera settings or present your screen.

The hardware comprises four components that create a dedicated access point for video meetings. Hangouts Meet hardware is a set of tools designed for handling virtual corporate meets and is clubbed with a touchscreen controller, 4K camera, speaker mic, and the Asus Chromebox. In larger room meetings, up to five speaker-mics can be chained together with a wire.

Google said the package is created to make modern meetings accessible to more businesses. In a new blog post, Google revealed the 'Hangouts Meet hardware kit, ' created to get companies up and running with Hangouts Meet for their boardrooms or other meeting locations. Companies often lack the hardware that lets them make the most of video conferencing technology.

Scott Johnston, a Google product management director, reportedly said that the new Google equipment is better because it is compatible with various Google apps like the Google Drive for storing a video archive of past meetings.

In addition to the new hardware kit, Google has also announced a trio of software updates that will be rolling out gradually in the coming days and weeks. In the past few months, the tech giant has added the Google Cloud Search to G Suite. Hangouts Meet hardware is another way for the company to make G Suite more attractive to enterprises. Furthermore, the dial-in feature for users who are not on Hangouts is now available in "more than a dozen markets", though the company didn't elaborate on that.

If you are a current G Suite Enterprise edition user, feel free to record meetings and save them to Drive, host meetings with up to 50 participants, and dial in from around the globe with the dial-in feature of the Hangouts Meet hardware.

Hangouts Meet Hardware is priced at $1,999.