RCPD gives a few safety tips for Halloween trick-or-treaters

  • RCPD gives a few safety tips for Halloween trick-or-treaters

RCPD gives a few safety tips for Halloween trick-or-treaters

On Tuesday kids will hit the streets dressed as super heroes, monsters, and more and to be sure they're safe police will be out, but they can't keep them safe alone, they also need your help.

Here are has some safety tips for trick-or-treaters.

The Rock Church of Greater Portland is holding a trunk-or-treat event from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.at 66 Gorham Road in Scarborough. The use of flashlights once it gets dark is also an effective measure. "Remember it gets darker much earlier now".

With Halloween tonight, authorities say it is time to think about trick-or-treat safety.

With temperatures expected to be in the mid-40's, there are a few places offering indoor activities, like the Carver Community Center and the Peru Public Library.

An impromptu Trunk or Treat will be heldin the main parking lot of Gardiner Area High school from 4:30-7:30pm.

Don't let kids eat candy while they're out trick-or-treating (make sure they have a meal or snack before so they're not tempted). Signs parents should look for are any sweets with open packaging or items that are unwrapped.

Parents should also be wary of candy that could trigger a food allergy.

Deputy Chief Dan Welborn; Fairbanks Police Department : "It's a program created to raise awareness about all the small kids out there trick or treating, we want them to be seen and safe just like we normally promote through this program".

Inspect treats for signs of tampering. "Children under 12 should always make sure they have an adult with them when they're going out".

Choose a smaller candy collection bag for your child.

Police said trick-or-treating in groups, with an adult present, is the best way to keep kids safe.

Before kids ring any doorbells, police are making it easy for parents to do a quick safety search.