Catherine Hospital Receives "A" in Patient Safety from Leapfrog Group

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Catherine Hospital Receives "A" in Patient Safety from Leapfrog Group

Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Lakeland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph, and Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne all received A grades. Four others received a B grade, and four were given a C grade. "We commend the Maryland Health Care Commission for their leadership, which was instrumental in getting Leapfrog the data needed to issue these grades".

In the category of infections for the fall 2017 report, Beaufort Memorial Hospital scored as well as the best hospitals in the country all five areas surveyed, which was one more category than the spring report. Hawaii moved up from 36th in 2012 to third, while OR moved up from 48th in 2012 to eighth. "We congratulate the clinicians, Board, management and staff of McDowell Hospital for showing the country what it means to put patient safety first". Of the 46 hospitals in the state participating in the survey, 19 received the top grade.

It is the fourth consecutive "A" rating for McDowell Hospital. For the first time, Maryland was included in the list after an exemption was lifted that excluded the state from reporting some safety metrics at the federal level.

For more information about the Safety Grade, as well as individual hospital grades and state rankings, please visit and follow the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade on Twitter and Facebook. Just one received a "B", one a "C", three a "D" and two an "F".

"The "A" rating from the Leapfrog Group reflects the fact that patient safety is our top concern for every person - let alone patient - who enters our facilities, and we attained this rating through the consistent and conscientious efforts of our stellar clinicians, nurses, and other dedicated hospital staff", she said. Rita Numerof, president and co-founder of consultancy Numerof & Associates, said "There should be no correlation between safety rates and socioeconomic status." de Brantes agreed, saying hospitals can control the processes in place to ensure the care they provide is safe.

For the last five grading periods, fall 2015 through fall 2017, Hilton Head Hospital was rated a "C". "Patient safety is patient safety".