Michael Moore Responds to Donald Trump's 'Total Bomb' Broadway Claims

  • Michael Moore Responds to Donald Trump's 'Total Bomb' Broadway Claims

Michael Moore Responds to Donald Trump's 'Total Bomb' Broadway Claims

Moore announced when the show began in May that it would be on Broadway for a limited twelve-week run, and last week it completed that run.

Trump was referring to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's one-man play, "The Terms of My Surrender". "It was not forced to close early".

Moore fired back at the president Saturday in a series of tweets, explaining that the show had always been meant to play as a limited engagement and saying at least one senior member of Trump's White House was a fan of the filmmaker's.

Trump criticized documentarian Michael Moore in a tweet, noting that his statement was "not at all presidential".

While Moore's show wasn't a wild success, it was not "forced to close".

The victor of the Oscar for best documentary in 2003 for "Bowling for Columbine" then added that on Sunday one United States soldier was killed and six wounded in a non-combat helicopter accident in the "never-ending" war in Afghanistan.

"They say that Twitter distracts him from his presidency". It's all you know how to do.

Moore also listed the issues Trump should be focusing on instead of his Broadway show, like the ongoing post-Hurricane Maria crisis in Puerto Rico, an armed service member killed in Afghanistan and the impending indictments in Robert Mueller's investigation.

The show, which combined Moore's autobiography with calls for political action against Trump and other Republicans, was a critical disappointment as well.

Additionally, the Bowling For Columbine creator said the fact that he's a "Broadway star" bothers Trump even more.

The filmmaker's Broadway show closed this week.

Support for Mr Trump dropped another five percentage points since September and now hovers at 38 per cent, while those who disapprove of his performance in office comprised 58 per cent of the 900 people surveyed.