Deleting messages on WhatsApp for all recipients starts rolling out

  • Deleting messages on WhatsApp for all recipients starts rolling out

Deleting messages on WhatsApp for all recipients starts rolling out

The new feature, being rolled out by the Facebook-owned app, would allow the over one billion subscribers to within seven minutes, delete messages sent to people on their chats.

While the new delete message feature is not available for everyone yet, you can check by doing a long press on the message and see if there's an option for "delete for everyone".

Any message that is selected for deletion will be replaced with "this message was deleted" in the recipient's chat or group message.

An FAQ page on WhatsApp's website explains that both you and the person you're chatting to need to be using the latest version of the app, in order for Delete for Everyone to work.

The Delete for Everyone feature works on all types of messages including text messages, images, videos, GIFs, documents, voice messages, contact cards, and more. With the new feature, we can now easily unsend that message by tapping and holding it, choosing the Remove symbol and select "Remove for Everyone".

WhatsApp has introduced its long-awaited "Unsend" feature, but it doesn't appear to be working for all users yet. Here's what it looks like when a message has been deleted. The new feature called location sharing was revealed two weeks ago which enabled the user to share their location with their loved ones. That can be handy if you sent something to someone by mistake, you made a typo, or you regretted saying something, and so on.

Note that WhatsApp won't notify you if the message was successfully recalled or if it is failed for the reason abovementioned, also if you read in the bubble "This message was deleted for everyone", that is only a simple indication.

However, this doesn't mean the message won't leave traces or that the option is already perfectly functional. The recipient sees a "This message was deleted" as well. "Your recipients will still see the messages in their chat screen", WhatsApp said.

Message recalls should now be possible to all users that have the latest version of WhatsApp. After the release of the beta version for Window Phones, the feature from today is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone users.