Rose McGowan Takes Stage At Women's Convention To Call Out Sexual Assault

  • Rose McGowan Takes Stage At Women's Convention To Call Out Sexual Assault

Rose McGowan Takes Stage At Women's Convention To Call Out Sexual Assault

And Rose admitted she finds it traumatic every time she sees hi face.

Describing each woman as her own rose, McGowan said that women "have thorns", and "our thorns carry justice, and our thorns carry outcome".

McGowan did not refer to Weinstein by name, only once obliquely referencing him as "the monster", and saying the past few weeks have been "triggering" to her thanks to his face being displayed everywhere. "I found it so commendable that she was putting the incident behind her and moving forward with her career", Rodriguez says of first meeting McGowan.

Addressing women at the Women's Convention in Detroit on Friday, McGowan didn't hold back when delivering an impassioned speech about sexual abuse. I have been slut-shamed. I've been harassed. I've been maligned...

"I've had monsters after me for years and years trying to eradicate me from this planet", McGowan said.

"I'll admit it felt really good at the time to realize we could use our art form to help Rose right a serious wrong in both how he victimized her years earlier, but also what Harvey was doing to a wonderful actress by blacklisting her and keeping her from working with filmmakers that would have wanted to work with her". No more will we be hurt.

"It's time to rise". "It's time to be fearless in the face of unspeakable actions".

She said: "No more". "Name it, shame it, and call it out".

"For all of us who have been grabbed by the motherf--ing p--y, no more", McGowan said. And they are the same. "And they are the same, and they must die".

A social media campaign has also been trending around the world with women sharing their experiences of sexual harassment.

McGowan said, "In regards to Hollywood, we have no Title IX". It's the messaging system for your mind. "It is the mirror that you're given to look into", McGowan said. And just because you are complicit in something like this does not make you a bad person, and the ownership of it for men is the beginning of all real reception. This is what you are as a boy. This is what you are as a boy, girl, gay, straight, transgender. She goes on to explain how Hollywood and movies often take the role of trying to reflect reality to the people who watch it; she cites how the Director's Guild of America is comprised of 96% men, and how this inevitably leads to "one view" coming out of the entertainment industry.