Eminem's New Album May Be Titled 'Revival' and Coming Soon

  • Eminem's New Album May Be Titled 'Revival' and Coming Soon

Eminem's New Album May Be Titled 'Revival' and Coming Soon

In the background, there's a harmless looking billboard promoting a medication called "Revival".

The rollout of ads is for the fictional drug REVIVAL, which features a stylized backwards "E".

The last sentence is a reference to Eminem's 8 Mile hit Lose Yourself and I Need A Doctor reportedly also plays in the background. "Revival" is said to treat the ailment "Atrox Rithimus", which is also not a real thing.

It looks like Eminem's forthcoming album could be on the way, and evidence can be found in a series of connecting clues- a fake prescription drug website, an 800-number and a commercial connected to the drug. Canticum can be closely related to the word "song" while remedium means "cure", translating the Latin name to "Song Cure".

At the bottom of the web site, Revival is stated to be manufactured by a company named "Popsomp Industries".

On a website advertising the Revival medication, the phrase "Seize the moment" flashes across the top of the page, reminiscent of the rap artist's 2002 track Sing for the Moment.

If all this isn't enough to quite convince you, remember that Eminem pulled a similar stunt in 2009 for his album Relapse when he created a fake rehab center.

Now, Eminem fans will know that "I Need A Doctor" is the title of a scrapped Eminem collaboration with Dr. Dre.

A call to the Revival phone number reveals a seemingly innocuous but comical message that can be heard here. Revival is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal and is not intended for anal use...

As of now, the album still does not have a release date, but the ad on Detroit Free Press's website is set to expire November 21, less than a month away.