The Retreat Offers Free Treatment to Raise Awareness On Mental Health

Paul Farmer, one of the review's authors and the chief executive of the charity Mind, said employers must do more to provide support.

The head of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie, said: 'This compelling review adds to the evidence demonstrating how important it is for employers to notice mental health in the workplace.

They are based on a report, "Thriving at Work: a review of mental health and employers", commissioned by Prime Minister Theresa May in January 2017.

"The human cost of failing to address mental health in the workplace is clear".

"It's time for every employer to recognise their responsibilities and affect change, so that the United Kingdom becomes a world leader in workplace wellbeing for all staff and in supporting people with mental health problems to thrive at work", says Lord Stevenson.

The NHS and the Civil Service, two of the country's largest employers, have already announced that they will abide by the recommendations that apply to them - meaning that more than two million public sector workers will receive tailored in-house mental health support. Most absence issues can and should be managed without the need for escalating matters. About 15 per cent of working people have symptoms...

Around 6% of people with a long-term mental health condition lose their job each quarter - amounting to 300,000 people each year - compared with 4% of those with a physical health condition. The review looks into how employers can better support all individuals now in employment, including those with mental ill health or poor well-being to remain in and thrive through work.

The government has said it is considering the changes to legislation that have been suggested. In this publication we consider, at a practical level, how the issues of prevention, integration and lack of specialist resources can be tackled creatively to improve the whole child mental health landscape.

It includes a detailed analysis that explores the significant cost of poor mental health to United Kingdom businesses and the economy as a whole.

The Retreat, Nigeria's first goal built mental hospital recently deployed psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, and mental health nurses, in a free mental treatment and awareness forum to mark the World Mental Health Day at the Ikorodu axis of Lagos.

Whether the employee perceives they can return to their previous job and what adjustments can be made.