Study links smoking pot to having more sex

  • Study links smoking pot to having more sex

Study links smoking pot to having more sex

To determine what the problem is, they'll go through a laundry list of regular activities.

An increasing number of patients with erectile dysfunction had been asking him whether their marijuana use could be related to their bouts of impotence, Eisenberg said. "It's a lot of stretch here", says Dr. Rany Shamloul, a researcher at Ottawa Hospital in Canada who focuses on sexual health and function.

They found that people who smoked pot had more active sex lives, and that the more often the marijuana use, the more frequently they had sex.

The findings were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study looked at data from the USA government's National Survey of Family Growth.

The researchers pulled together data from roughly 50,000 people who participated in an annual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey during various years between 2002 and 2015. For men, the corresponding numbers were 5.6 times for nonusers and 6.9 for daily users.

About 24.5 percent of the men and 14.5 percent of the women reported using marijuana.

It's possible it makes men or women more interested in sex.

Women who consumed cannabis every day had sex an average of 7.1 times during the previous four weeks, while women who hadn't used cannabis in a year had sex an average of 6.0 times in the previous month.

"Marijuana use is very common, but its large-scale use and association with sexual frequency hasn't been studied much in a scientific way", Eisenberg said.

The study is the first to evaluate the relationship between cannabis use and frequency of sex at the national level in the United States.

The question has gained importance as more states have moved to legalize marijuana.

Given that the average couple has sex about once a week, Eisenberg said, the bottom line for partaking in a bong or blunt could add up to 20 more instances of sexual intercourse each year. Someone could smoke in the morning but not have sex until the evening, when it wouldn't be in their system any more, for example.

But Palamar stressed that the findings show a correlation, not cause and effect.

A key closing distinction: The study does not establish a causal connection between cannabis use and sexual activity-there's no evidence cannabis users are getting high and getting busy in one fell swoop.

People who smoke more marijuana are having more sex than those who smoke less, or don't smoke at all, a new study suggests. When the majority of Americans have said they've smoked marijuana at least once, the more they can know about all aspects of how the drug affects their bodies, the better.

These figures translate to about 20 percent more sex for frequent marijuana users. The survey asked if respondents had "sexual intercourse" in the previous four weeks, and clarified that "sometimes, this is called making love, having sex or going all the way". Some women may also experience vaginal dryness in the same way they experience dryness in the mouth.

Both scholars hoped these studies will encourage other researchers to dive deeper into the topic.

"We looked at associations between marijuana use and sexual frequency while accounting for important variables like age, education, and marital status, which also play a role", Michael Eisenberg, senior study author and director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at Stanford, told Seeker.

With cannabis becoming legal in more U.S. states and more countries around the world, there is not a lot of time to conduct all the necessary research before rolling.

More research is obviously needed, but this is a good step in the right direction to making people more informed about their health. "For a lot of guys, hearing that is an awesome motivator".