New details revealed in California mom's disappearance

  • New details revealed in California mom's disappearance

New details revealed in California mom's disappearance

Sheriff John Bosenko said Papini was kept in isolation during her 22 days in captivity.

Sheriff's Sgt. Brian Jackson said the sketches drawn by Federal Bureau of Investigation artists are being released 10 months after her disappearance because of Papini's difficulty in recalling what her abductors looked like.

During her alleged abduction, Papini told investigators she got into an altercation with the younger abductor in the bathroom when she was allowed to shower, Jackson says.

Sherri Papini went missing while out on a run in central California.

Nearly a year ago, 34-year-old Sherri Papini was found bruised, beaten, branded, and partially shackled by the side of Interstate 5 in Northern California after she had gone missing three weeks earlier while out jogging in her neighborhood near Redding.

The Sheriff's Office has described the brand as "a message" but have been unable to decipher it despite using alternate light sources and filters to clarify what they described as "obscure lettering".

Sketches of suspects in Sherri Papini abduction.

Her hair was cut short and she had a "branding" on her shoulder along with broken nose and numerous cuts and bruises. But now, almost a year later, investigators continue to poke holes in her story.

The mother-of-two gave officers a description of two Hispanic women said to be her captors, but police said Mrs Papini has not been able to complete a detailed statement "due to her poor recollection".

Jackson acknowledged that the male DNA raised questions in the context of Papini's account of being abducted by two women, saying that "with any investigations there's always some oddities, there's always some inconsistencies".

Sgt Jackson said the male DNA was from an unknown man who was not a match with her husband or anyone who had been entered into FBI's criminal database.

Her long blond hair had been "chopped" off, she was "emaciated" and covered in "multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings", Keith wrote in a statement following their reunion.

The department said investigators collected male DNA from the clothing that victim Sherri Papini was wearing when she was found on Thanksgiving and female DNA that was discovered on Papini's body. As the Redding Record-Searchlight reports, via Shasta County Sherrif's Sgt. Brian Jackson, "investigators later determined he wasn't involved in her disappearance".

Keith Papini issued a statement to the Record-Searchlight Wednesday, saying, "We want to express our vast gratitude to all of the many people who have publicly and privately supported us over the a year ago".

Sherri Papini is shown in a photo released by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office on November 3, 2016.

Police said Ms Papini had been beaten and bound but not sexually assaulted, despite being branded, which is common in the human sex trafficking. "Your well wishes have helped beyond measure", he wrote. We are hopeful that the release of additional information by law enforcement will expedite the capture of Sherri's abductors. "We ask that the media please respect our need for privacy as Sherri continues to heal and we work towards putting our lives back together".