Dual nationality sees Aussie Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce disqualified

  • Dual nationality sees Aussie Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce disqualified

Dual nationality sees Aussie Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce disqualified

Barnaby Joyce, the combative deputy to Malcolm Turnbull, the prime minister, was thrown out of parliament on Friday because of a 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual citizens being elected to parliament.

The decision to disqualify Mr. Joyce means a by-election will be held for his electoral district on December 2, the earliest possible date.

The court ordered a by-election for Joyce's seat.

"I had no reason to believe I was a citizen of any other country but Australia".

"As you know we have support from the cross bench", Turnbull told a media conference. A no-confidence vote would require all independent and crossbench lawmakers to turn against the government.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was due to travel to Israel on Saturday.

Labour is now in power in New Zealand following a tightly-fought general election which ended in Labour leader Jacinda Ardern forming a minority coalition government.

Three parliamentary investigations recommended in the 1980s and 1990s that the prohibition on dual citizens be removed from the constitution through a national referendum.

Most of the disqualified MPs were considered born to Australian parents overseas, or had been born in Australia to a foreign parent. He has renounced his New Zealand citizenship, so can stand as a candidate again.

In July, two senators in the Australian Greens stepped down from their positions after discovering they were a New Zealand and a Canadian citizen respectively.

Another government minister Matt Canavan, who the court heard might have inherited Italian citizenship from his Australian-born mother through his Italian grandparents, was allowed to stay in Parliament.

The disqualified senators included government minister Fiona Nash, Joyce's deputy in the Nationals party, who inherited British citizenship from her Scottish father. He was born to Cypriot- and Greek-born parents and checked with both embassies to ensure he wasn't a citizen of those countries.