Amazon Key offers package delivery, inside your home

  • Amazon Key offers package delivery, inside your home

Amazon Key offers package delivery, inside your home

With space to grow, collaborate, and thrive, Detroit is a city unlike any other. The $250 bundle includes an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock and Key Edition Amazon Cloud Cam that would allow Amazon Prime members the ability to watch a package be delivered inside their home.

Many already claim they won't use the service. And if you're unsettled by the idea, the kit comes with an in-home security camera. Amazon Key's aim is to provide safety for customers' packages, that run the risk of being stolen when left outside on the sidewalk.

The company's new service is called Amazon Key, and it's essentially a high-tech alternative to leaving a key under your mat. "No passcodes, no fuss", according to the news release. You can give friends or family temporary, recurring, or permanent access to your home and also allow other service employees, such as dog walkers, cleaners, and others, into the home on certain dates and times. "All in-home deliveries are backed by Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your package will be waiting just inside your door". Check out some reactions from Twitter users about Amazon Key. The Internet retailer didn't immediately respond to a Free Press request asking which MI locations will be among the first to get Amazon Key, but several zip codes across metro Detroit are shown to be eligible. It is a smart lock and security camera system that allows delivery people-and anyone else you approve-to enter your home even when you're not there. Customers can stay on top of in-home deliveries with real-time alerts and by watching the video of the delivery either in real time or after it's completed.

The shipping courier will first knock before attempting to open the door.

If no one answers, the delivery person swipes a button in the app that sends a message up to the cloud, which sends a message down to the customer's Amazon-enabled smart lock.

Reuters reports Key systems will be available to Amazon Prime members in 37 locations nationwide starting in November 8, but New Orleans is not yet on the list.