E-cigarettes banned in NY everywhere tobacco is

  • E-cigarettes banned in NY everywhere tobacco is

E-cigarettes banned in NY everywhere tobacco is

Another pending bill seeks to require e-cigarette sellers to register with the state as tobacco retailers do - a tactic to mitigate sales to youths. The bill in question (S.2543A/A.516A) bans all e-cigarette and vape use "everywhere that smoking tobacco products are prohibited".

When Cuomo said that the products carry "long term risks" to their users, he failed to add that these risks are calculated at only 1% to 5% of those carried by cigarettes.

"This measure closes another risky loophole in the law, creating a stronger, healthier NY for all", Cuomo said.

Fourteen years after NY banned the use of tobacco products at public indoor spaces across the state, their electronic substitute is following suit.

However, critics note that little is known about the health effects of using e-cigarettes.

According to the release, "Some ingredients found in e-cigarettes are considered toxic and there is no regulation of what chemicals e-cigarettes contain". E-cigarettes might potentially hurt your heart health, and there's some new evidence that vaping increases your risk for lung disease in ways that cigarettes don't. "New York state now can be added to the list of states that are leaders in protecting the health of its residents from the dangers of e-cigarettes".

Specifically, the state leadership feels that due to the lack of e-cigarette manufacturing regulations, bystanders could be exposed to risky chemicals without their knowledge or consent.

It's no secret that the e-cigarette/vaping industry is big business. Among high school students alone, e-cigarette/vape usage saw a 900 percent growth spike between 2011 and 2015.

But manufacturers have not gone quietly in the city, mounting several legal challenges arguing that e-cigs do not qualify, because technically they do not emit smoke.