McLaren releases teaser of its 'most extreme' hypercar yet

  • McLaren releases teaser of its 'most extreme' hypercar yet

McLaren releases teaser of its 'most extreme' hypercar yet

The firm has been tight-lipped with regards to details, but has said that more information - including the new model's name - will be released before the end of the year.

It will make its way ahead of the second Ultimate Series model which is codenamed the BP23.

The full details of the vehicle will be revealed in the first quarter of 2018, but McLaren says it will reveal some more information about the auto - including the official reveal of its name - before 2017 is up.

McLaren has announced a plan to introduce the most extreme, track-focused road vehicle it has ever made.

McLaren is describing the BP23 as a "Hyper-GT", and says both it and the as yet unnamed track-day special will be built in extremely limited numbers - all of which are already spoken for.

The yet-to-be-named supercar is described by the British automaker as "the ultimate track vehicle".

So what's with the newly-announced model?

Due to be publicly unveiled in the first quarter of 2018, the new model will slot into McLaren's Ultimate Series and can be seen as a successor to the iconic McLaren P1.

As for the design itself, the carmaker says the hypercar looks "brutal" and is the "purest expression yet of the company's "form follows function" philosophy". Powering the track-focused McLaren will be the highly reworked hybrid powertrain of the P1 GTR. It's fully legal to be driven on the street, but McLaren points out this isn't a daily driver because it's entirely focused on the track, which is why we're thinking Nurburgring records will again change hands if anyone manages to best the McLaren P1 LM in the meantime. It will employ the McLaren's Monocage II carbonfibre tub to keep the weight down.