Louisville votes to terminate Rick Pitino's contract 'with just cause'

  • Louisville votes to terminate Rick Pitino's contract 'with just cause'

Louisville votes to terminate Rick Pitino's contract 'with just cause'

The documents showed details of an interview between Carl Christiansen, a private investigator working on Pitino's behalf, and Louisville interim men's basketball coach David Padgett, who reportedly confirmed that he and associate head coach Kenny Johnson were questioned by Pitino on why he wasn't informed that the Bowen's family were living at the downtown Louisville hotel.

Rick Pitino has officially been FIRED by the University of Louisville. less than 3 weeks after he was put on unpaid administrative leave over his suspected involvement in the bribery scandal.

During questioning in Miami on October 6, Pitino said he did not participate in a scheme to pay the family of U of L freshman Brian Bowen, nor did he know of any payments, the polygraph examination report says.

Pitino's lawyers made his case in a closed-door session with the the ULAA board for over an hour Monday afternoon.

In an affidavit presented by Pitino's lawyers during the meeting, Pitino said, "I had no part - active, passive, or through willful ignorance - in the conspiracy described in the complaint", ESPN reported. Louisville named David Padgett its interim coach on September 29. "I reject that assertion". Firing Pitino for cause would likely set in motion a legal battle over whether the university followed the contract stipulations for removing him. "No reasonable level of oversight-including the oversight that President Postel and AD Jurich recommended and that I implemented-can guarantee that staff members will always act properly". While Louisville and its basketball coaches were not named in the criminal complaint, Justice Department officials left little doubt Louisville was one of the schools at the center of a pay-to-play scheme, and the university has acknowledged it has been told it is part of the investigation. Louisville is appealing the decision, but the school may ultimately be forced to vacate dozens of wins and the team's 2013 national championship if the NCAA's ruling is not overturned.

In August, Louisville signed a new 10-year, $160 million with Adidas that has since come under scrutiny in the wake of the FBI's ongoing investigation into corruption in college basketball.