Hillary Clinton Pictured In Foot Brace As She Misses Interviews After Fall

  • Hillary Clinton Pictured In Foot Brace As She Misses Interviews After Fall

Hillary Clinton Pictured In Foot Brace As She Misses Interviews After Fall

Cleveland-area preacher Rev. Darrell Scott reacted to Hillary Clinton coming out five days after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke to criticize her longtime political ally. "The shattered survivors. The victims' families", she recounted at the time.

Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor is fighting with John Roberts tonight after the Fox News White House correspondent asked President Trump a question about Hillary Clinton today. It does look like she's not going to make it before the end of the programme.

'The moment I was declared, the knives got longer and longer, ' he said.

As a woman with the temerity to think I have the right to publicly voice my opinions, I'm no stranger to having abuse and threats hurled at me by droves of strangers over the internet.

During Sunday's interview, Clinton said that Russian Federation spread false news stories about her in order to "create more divisions within our country". "[But] the objective was to throw this big monkey wrench", she said.

Unfortunately @HillaryClinton was delayed this morning and sent her apologies.

"We're working very, very hard to get this interview rescheduled and Hillary Clinton is very apologetic....so what can I say?"

I'd read the book and everything.

She is promoting her book What Happened? about where it all went wrong in the 2016 election.

"From the way he behaves around women, the way he talks to women, he is dismissive and condescending".

She also referred to Mr Trump as "Putin's puppet" and said the Russian leader had interfered in the USA election.

She appeared on Graham's couch wearing a large moonboot to protect her injured foot. "My answer was, 'I hope so!'" Trump wrote on Twitter.

Jenni Murray recently wrote for the Guardian about Clinton's previous appearance on Woman's Hour, in 2014. "It was really awful", she said.

There's no one who saw her speak last night who could not have left knowing that, for all her faults, she deserved that presidency and it was stolen from her.

"Into my ear, as my conversation with Shirley [Williams] and [her friend] Eva came to a close, were the whispered, thrilled words of the producer".

To them, Clinton will always be Hillary: the First Lady, the shamed wife, the entitled shrill, the woman who keeps banging on about sexism.