Trump dismisses harassment claims as 'fake news'

  • Trump dismisses harassment claims as 'fake news'

Trump dismisses harassment claims as 'fake news'

The subpoena also requires the campaign to furnish documents on "any accusations" made during Trump's election campaign that he "subjected any woman to unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior" as well as on the president's responses to those allegations.

"It's fake, it's made up stuff and it's disgraceful what happens, but that happens in the world of politics", the former Apprentice host added in typical form in a 45-minute wide ranging press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Monday.

The reporter's question referred to a woman who has alleged Trump groped her, and a subpoena she and her lawyers filed for any Trump campaign documents pertaining to her accusations.

US President Donald Trump on Monday dubbed all sexual assault allegations against him "fake news" after his campaign was subpoenaed as part of a defamation suit brought by a former reality show contestant.

As the woman stands at his side, Mr Trump recounts the story of hiring a teenager as a waitress based exclusively on her looks.

The subpoena, which is liable to renew public attention on the numerous allegations against Trump, sets the stage for another legal and political headache for the president.

As Hollywood condemns the predatory behaviour of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, disturbing new footage has emerged of a pre-presidential Donald Trump bragging about hiring a teenage waitress simply because she was a "world-class beauty".

BuzzFeed website first reported on the subpoena late on Sunday.

Zervos claims Trump kissed her twice on the lips during a lunch meeting in his New York City office and on a separate occasion in Beverly Hills, she alleges he kissed her aggressively and touched her breast. In a tweet below, you can see Donald Trump's message addressing a comment from Bill O'Reilly who stated Trump is damaging the NBC brand.

However, Trump claims he hardly remembers Summer, and he said that they never met in a hotel. Trump called the allegations a lie, which led Zervos to file a defamation lawsuit against Trump. They added that the subpoena is "far-reaching" and "seeks wholly irrelevant information intended exclusively to harass the president".

Trump's legal team has sought to have the lawsuit dismissed or delayed until he is out of office.

"We are hopeful that the court will deny President Trump's motion to dismiss, so that we may move forward with discovery", Allred told BuzzFeed News.

Trump's attorneys face an October 31 deadline to further respond in support of the request for the case to be dismissed.