How Far Will Iran Go in Repudiating Trump?

  • How Far Will Iran Go in Repudiating Trump?

How Far Will Iran Go in Repudiating Trump?

President Trump speaks during a nomination announcement at the East Room of the White House on Thursday. "It is not a bilateral agreement".

In other words, Congress could craft the policy the administration won't, with flexible benchmarks for progress. His hawkish new stance toward Iran, including steps against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, received strong backing only from Israel and Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia.

A supporter of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani holds his poster and flashes a victory sign while celebrating Rouhani's victory in the presidential election, in Tehran, Iran, May 20, 2017. He suggests that "the administration requires a calibrated diplomacy that reflects our leverage but does not overplay our hand and permits the Europeans the time to see that we are making a good faith effort and not simply seeking a cover to walk away". The next 90-day re-certification deadline was to have been on Sunday. And if it is, Trump said, it's also whether the Iranian government behaves itself otherwise. During that period, it can decide whether to introduce or restore sanctions on Iran. His advisers wanted him to declare that Iran is still in compliance with the accord, which aims to limit Iran's nuclear program to civilian purposes, and that the deal is in America's national interest.

"Iranian officials and military leaders have repeatedly claimed they will not allow inspectors on to military sites even though the international community suspects some of those sites were part of Iran's clandestine nuclear weapons program", he said. "He sanctioned the IRGC, the murderers of hundreds of young Iranians, the number one enemy of freedom in Iran", the reader added.

"If there is a division between Trump and his cabinet on foreign policy, it only reflects longstanding fissures within the GOP on the general subject", says historian David Pietrusza.

Trump threatened to scrap the deal if his concerns are not addressed, warning that "our participation can be cancelled by me, as president, at any time".

"We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of Iran's nuclear breakout", Trump said.

And what's more the deal was done, not just with Iran, but with China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany.

Richard N. Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order. Once considered a prospect for Trump's running mate and then secretary of State, Senator Corker told reporters that a handful of top Trump advisers were keeping the country from "chaos", warned that the president could trigger "World War III", and called the White House an "adult day care". "It doesn't mean they can get everything they want, but they can block things that they don't particularly want". But Europe was a different story: Sanctions that European countries slapped on Iran's oil industry as punishment for its nuclear program really did damage the Iranian economy. And so for the nation, this is a signal moment. Trump had twice declared Iran in compliance, but balked ahead of Sunday's deadline.

Iran isn't likely to "be more aggressive in the region given the sensitive balance politically around the deal". Benchmarks that are not directly covered by the JCPOA could be the basis for joint U.S. -E.U. action on non-nuclear sanctions.

As for the future of Trump's national security team, questions abound.