Dead Woman In Burnt Car Found On BQE

  • Dead Woman In Burnt Car Found On BQE

Dead Woman In Burnt Car Found On BQE

New York City police say Saeed Ahmad fled his crashed and burning auto, leaving his female passenger to die.

It was in the early morning hours that Saeed crashed a 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan into a concrete barrier, he hailed a cab while leaving behind Grewel.

Harleen died at the scene with her charred body discovered by fire fighters after they extinguished the flames.

Cops caught up with Ahmed at Maimonides, where he was being treated for burns to his extremities.

Police say Ahmad faces charges including criminally negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.

His brother Waheed said the driver attempted to save Ms Grewel. The vehicle burst into flames after striking a concrete barrier.

Footage shows a man believed to be Ahmad getting into a taxi.

"Can I get a ride?". Police charged Ahmad for the negligent act and unruly driving.

The newspaper reported that Ahmad had admitted to police that he had been drinking alcohol before the crash but a subsequent blood test revealed he was not legally drunk.

Ahmad's family claims he tried to save her before catching the cab. Her relatives made no comments to local reporters. Raj Grewal, her mother, said outside their home in Astoria that she didn't know what had happened, adding that is her child, her angel. 'He couldn' was too late for her'. He lost his phone in the vehicle [and was] unable to call the ambulance, ' Waheed Ahmad, 21, said about his brother Saeed Ahmad, 23 to the New York Post.

Upon her death, Grewal who worked for a catering company was remembered by friends as saying she would volunteer to help out at events.

Ahmed had been scheduled to appear in Brooklyn court on Friday.

The auto fire closed the westbound BQE, leaving cars at a standstill earlier Friday morning.